Dr. David Neumeister Testimonial

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Dr. David Neumeister

I was 73 and ready to slow down, so I put my practice on the market, and my partner did at the same time. He's a little younger than I, but he also was ready to slow down. Dr. Saltzman was very fair, very honest. Any questions we had he would answer. Two weeks later he made an offer. Gradually we became absorbed and part of the whole team that he has at Affinity Dental. It made that much easier for us. We could just do the dentistry and I could start to focus on what I was gonna do 12 months later after I retired.

It's given me an exit strategy. That probably is the biggest thing. At age 73 it wasn't just a matter of cashing out. For Dr. Heydiner and I, there was the need to also protect our staff members. There was a need to be sure the patients had that same sort of attention and quality of care that we had experienced. We wanted to make sure that was maintained. If you want to slow down and retire, or slow down and not have those responsibilities, it's a good system to be part of.