Dr. Steven Quatrocelli Testimonial

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Dr. Steven Quatrocelli

I was a solo practitioner from about 2012, when my partner at the time retired fully, and I had been working alone and thinking at home I would want to either take on associate or partner with another group.

You have to understand, if you're committed to patient care it means you're gonna put in a lot of long hours. You don't turn a patient away at the end of the day because they have a toothache and you wanna go home.

A lot of late night we would start, sometimes at 7:30 in the morning, and I wouldn't get home until 7:30, 8:00 at night. Didn't take any vacations. My vacations were maybe a day or two at time. I didn't feel comfortable leaving my practice unattended.

I was impressed at the time that they had the same philosophy as I did about patient care. We had a lot of the same systems. It seemed like they practiced very similar to the way I did. So I thought that this would be a good fit to partner with them in the practice of dentistry.

Emerging with the group I was able to now cut back a little bit, have more to time to spend with my family. I have somebody in the office that takes outstanding care of the patients. I don't have to worry about them nights and weekends.

After 41 years in the practice of endodontics you reach a point where you think, "Maybe it's time to cut back a little bit, spend a little bit more time with my wife. Do a little more traveling." So I'm looking forward to that, and I've got the systems in place now where I can leave the practice and not worry about the patients.

I'm able to concentrate just on patient care now. I don't have to be the doctor that runs the practice from the back. I would endorse someone taking that kind of an approach. It worked out very well for me.